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Unlock deep insights to inform epic solutions across the who, where, and what of the shopper journey. From initial consideration to loyalty retention — uncover ways to understand shoppers along each step of their journey. 





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Expert analyses. Self-reported data. Shopper preferences and behaviors, uncovered. We’re highlighting the data necessary to enable smarter, bolder business decisions. The power to push you further across the US and Canadian markets is all right here.

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Deeply understand
a retailer’s shopper

  • Trends in retailer choices
  • Behavior and expectations across outlets
  • Role of retailers in shoppers’ routines
  • Cross-shopping and leakage
  • Which retailers are winning
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Examine behaviour across shopper segments

  • Approaches to value and shopping priorities
  • Preferred retail experiences
  • Views on assortment
  • Why shoppers spend the most at particular retailers by product category
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Keep your finger on the pulse of emerging shopper trends

  • Online, mobile, social shopping
  • Shopping tools such as voice
  • Holiday and seasonal intentions and behaviors
  • Shifting attitudes on private label, health & wellness, personalization, etc
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Ways to engage

Expert shopper insights

Our expertly crafted shopper presentations tell the shopper story through the lens of retailer, trend, and channel. If that’s not enough, the turnkey ShopperScape ® Dashboards will provide immediate answers to the who, what, where, and why of shopper behavior. Add analyst hours to any channel package and receive insights tailored to your most pressing business needs. 


A deeper dive

With the ShopperScape® Database, you’ll be the first to access to the monthly tracking survey data each month, as well as data collected in comprehensive topical research. Through on-demand access you’ll be able to quickly field internal inquiries and prepare for customer meetings on your own terms. 


Looking for insights?

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Kantar’s annual industry benchmarking report identifies retailers and suppliers that set the standard of performance, ranked by their trading partners.  

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“We realized an almost immediate ROI from Kantar’s Shopper Insights. It’s been used as we develop service offerings for key generational cohorts and the insights have helped us see threats to our shopper base from eCommerce and omnichannel competitors.”

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