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Enter the insights platform that top businesses rely on to expertly navigate the retail and shopper landscape. This one-stop shop pairs illuminating analysis with trusted shopper, channel, retailer, and macroeconomic data to drive strategic planning, inform tactical execution, and provide a clear path for growth. 

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Experience the Retailer
Point of View

Open your eyes to the retailer perspective. Understanding the retailer point of view can push you to be better partners — unlocking unrivaled growth. With enterprise access to tools, insights, and industry experts, we’ll help you walk the retailer walk. 

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Build customer plans 

Preparing for your next top-to-top, line review, or Joint Business Planning session?  Kantar's retailer, shopper, and channel insights provide curated data, turnkey presentations, and illuminating reports that will help you go further, faster. ​

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Drive strategic planning 

Looking to infuse macroeconomic, shopper, and omnichannel expertise into your growth strategy? Retail IQ acts as your one-stop-shop for industry-shaping analysis, trusted forecasts, and engaging webinars, giving you a holistic point-of-view. ​ 

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Inform tactical execution

Fielding a quick turnaround request or preparing a last-minute presentation?  Predictive search and intuitive data tools will help you find what you need when you need it.

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Impact Retail, Globally 

Covering more than 210 individual markets worldwide to give you the advantage. Do more than exist within the retail landscape — thrive. Direct access to historic retailer, channel, and market data, plus five-year forecasts give you the edge. Build compelling customer business plans, understand channel evolution, and track market disruption.

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Understand Key Trends and Growth Channels

Mass. Grocery. Digital. Dive deep into all the major retail channels to track channel evolution, formulate strategic plans for resource allocation, and more. Expand ecommerce opportunities over the next five years. With data and forecasting tools tracking global ecommerce trends, we’ll help identify growth opportunities and optimize sales plans — taking your company beyond. Beyond the norm. Beyond what’s expected. Beyond what’s even possible today.

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Engage Shoppers in North America

Expert analyses. Self-reported data. Shopper preferences and behaviors, uncovered. We’re highlighting the data necessary to enable smarter, bolder business decisions. The power to push you further across the US and Canadian markets is all right here. Unparalleled shopper insights you won’t find anywhere else. Delivering the most in-depth, up-to-date research, monthly. With turnkey dashboards and a comprehensive database, we’re powering your understanding of always-evolving shopper behaviors and attitudes.

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Global Insights, Delivered

No matter where you are, stay in the know. Access presentation slides from any of our events held worldwide. You’ll gain in-depth analyses and insights from our global thought leaders. So even if you can’t be where the action is, you won’t miss a beat.

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Retail Sound Bites

The Kantar Sound Bites podcast provides a provocative view of global retail trends, category leadership, business issues, and other shopper and retail related news. 

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Breakthrough Insights 2023

Two complimentary reports bring you our expert point of view and data on our six key retail themes of 2023. 

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PoweRanking® 2023

Kantar’s annual industry benchmarking report identifies retailers and suppliers that set the standard of performance, ranked by their trading partners.  

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Read our latest articles and reports, with expert perspectives, proprietary data, and thought-provoking insights. 
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