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why kantar?

Preparing You
to Take Action

Our goal is to empower the world’s most important organizations.
Armed with meaningful insights, businesses can focus on what matters
and go further in the retail marketplace.

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Trusted Insights 

Since 2009, Kantar has helped clients engage more meaningfully with the world’s leading retailers and their shoppers. We’re fueling your retail priorities today so you can build successful plans for the future.

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Seasoned Experts

Fueled by insights and rooted in research, our passion knows no bounds. Our experts layer relevant macro, shopper, and retailer data with actionable insights to support strategies for growth. ​

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Turnkey Solutions

Insights. Tools. Best practices. We’re here to take you further. We deliver the tools, trends, and expertise that empower you to be smarter, work faster, go further.

“Kantar is an all-around fantastic business partner —  ​they understand what we are trying to accomplish ​as an organization and have stepped in to ensure ​our teams stay up to date on specific business trends.”

Vice President, North American Sales
Fortune 500 CPG client