Retail Media B2B Benchmarking Study

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Kantar's inaugural study of best practices, frameworks, and proprietary B2B insights for the retail media industry.

RETAIL INSIGHTSHow are organizations playing, owning, and winning in retail media?

As retail media continues to experience record growth, join us as we uncover how brands can play, own, and win in retail media, including budget allocation for testing and learning.

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Discover the winning advantage

No matter where your organization stands in developing a retail media strategy, it is imperative for brands to grasp their position in successful media planning.


  • Retail media will make up more of digital ad spend over the next five years.
  • The major players that have dominated thus far (Amazon, Walmart, etc.) will face a crowded market with many options for marketers.
  • Winners will drive value and provide data that their competitors do not and cannot.
  • Retail media can be mutually beneficial to brands and retailers if brands can allocate spending correctly.

Ways to engage

Our annual retail media networks benchmarking study will contain both quantitative and qualitative responses
from key decision-makers buying and selling retailer media across both established and challenger brands and media agencies. 

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Extensive chapters on best practices, frameworks, and B2B insights for retail media

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Geographies covered include US and Canada

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Add-on workshop by Kantar retail media expert for an incremental cost

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The retail media industry is experiencing exponential growth, with no signs of slowing down.

As the retail media landscape continues to expand, new competitors are emerging, posing a challenge for brands on how to effectively distribute their advertising budget across various networks.


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