Breakthrough Insights 2021

2021 might be described as 2020, Part 2. This year has brought a host of fresh challenges. As we head into the new year, the great quandary inherent in 2022 planning is determining which trends are here to stay, which could revert to a semblance of pre-pandemic normalcy, and which will continue to evolve.


Our 2021 Breakthrough Insights collection delves into challenges the retail industry is facing and the responses it’s mustering to combat them based on five key themes:


  • Macro upside down
  • The shopper puzzle
  • The fluid ecosystem
  • Me commerce
  • The cultural compass

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Five Key Themes

Macro upside down
How can retailers and brands navigate a macro environment with unprecedented and ever-shifting inputs?
The shopper puzzle
Which shopper and consumer trends will revert to a pre-pandemic state, which are here to stay, and which will evolve?
The fluid ecosystem
How will retailers adapt their appeals to remain relevant in a post-COVID and ecommerce-dominated age while expanding their profit streams?
Me commerce
How do you align your assortment, pricing, and promotions to shoppers who expect immediacy and a personalized omnichannel experience?
The cultural compass
What are the new rules for wellness, sustainability, and corporate responsibility that shoppers expect brands to follow?


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