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2024 Agenda
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Walmart has fundamentally changed its business. No longer “just” a retailer, Walmart has built a blended business of services and products. Understanding the business implications and aligning with Walmart’s goals has never been more critical.

You’ll walk away from this event with:


  • Insights into Walmart’s priorities and where it will be laser-focused
  • The ability to use your customer knowledge and industry expertise to add value to your relationship with Walmart
  • A plan to address Walmart’s future expectations and where your company will need to adapt

Key data/facts

  • Walmart has invested over USD20 billion in automation, robotics, artificial intelligence/machine learning, and advanced data to make its operations frictionless. Where will your company need to invest to keep pace?
  • As Walmart builds its omnichannel capabilities, the focal point is driving efficiency and lowering costs. How will this change Walmart’s expectations of your business?
  • After remodeling 117 stores in November 2023, Walmart announced it will open 150 new stores and remodel 650 existing stores in 2024. What are the key features of the Store of the Future? How will these changes affect customers and suppliers?

what to expect

Conference Agenda

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Karen Kelso

9:00-9:10 AM CT
Welcome and introduction
Karen Kelso, Vice President, Mass and Club

Gina Logan

9:10-9:50 AM CT
Sam’s Club sets the digital standard
Gina Logan, Principal Analyst, Club
Sam’s Club is setting the standard for digitizing retail operations and effectively engaging members. What is Sam’s Club doing to maintain its leading-edge position?

Themes we’ll discuss include:

  • Connecting the online and offline experience
  • Engaging with members throughout the path to purchase
  • Innovating business processes to create a frictionless experience for members

9:50-10:30 AM CT
Sam’s Club member insights
Mary Brett Whitfield, Senior Vice President, Shopper Insights

Sam’s Club has made inroads in building a productive and loyal member base. Where does Sam’s Club meet or exceed members’ expectations? How do the Sam’s and Costco memberships compare?

Specific topics we’ll discuss include:

  • Sam’s Club’s member demographics and what they mean for the future
  • How Gen Z perceives Sam’s Club
  • How Sam’s Club’s digital engagement is resonating with today’s club shoppers

10:30-10:45 AM CT

Tiffany Hogan

10:45-11:30 AM CT
Building loyalty through membership
Tiffany Hogan, Director, Target and Beauty
Gina Logan, Principal Analyst, Club
Karen Kelso, Vice President, Mass and Club

Walmart+ is enabling Walmart to capture an atypical customer segment: the highly affluent. But how does Walmart+ stack up to other membership programs like Target’s Circle 360 and Sam’s Club in delivering a compelling reason to shop?

Specific questions we’ll address include:

  • Do the Walmart+, Target Circle, and Sam’s Club memberships differ in both function and aspiration?
  • How do retailers’ strategies influence shopper preference? How do these differences impact competitors’ choices?
  • Are membership programs driving loyalty? Can these programs reliably solve members’ problems?
Karen Kelso

11:30 AM ET-12:15 PM CT
Where will Walmart’s growth come from?
Karen Kelso, Vice President, Mass and Club
Walmart has fundamentally changed its business model. Expanding services is one avenue. Leveraging its historical strengths in grocery and technology is another. We expect Walmart’s share and volume to increase in 2024 and beyond. Where exactly will this growth come from?

We’ll discuss:

  • Technology adoption throughout Walmart’s operations
  • How Walmart will increase its share in grocery
Karen Kelso

12:15-12:30 PM CT
Day 1 wrap-up
Karen Kelso, Vice President, Mass and Club


Karen Kelso

9:00-9:10 AM CT
Welcome and introduction
Karen Kelso, Vice President, Mass and Club


9:10-10:00 AM CT
Walmart vs. Amazon: Logistics and store networks
Rachel Dalton, Head of Retail Insights, North America
Karen Kelso, Vice President, Mass and Club

Walmart and Amazon are becoming increasingly dominant online retailers. Where will retail growth come from? How does each retailer’s logistics and store network compare to its rival’s? What is our prediction for which retailer will emerge as the victor?

We’ll discuss:

  • What led Amazon and Walmart to their current market position
  • Where the big bets for growth are and the degree of difficulty in achieving them
  • What the future will likely look like and the implications for suppliers and customers
Taylre Stumpf

10:00-11:00 AM CT
Walmart vs Target: The store experience
Taylre Stumpf, Senior Analyst, Target
Karen Kelso, Vice President, Mass and Club

Approximately 85% of all retail sales come from stores. As customers return to physical retailing, how are Walmart and Target designing their stores to attract shoppers and build loyalty? We’ll examine the pros and cons of shopping IRL.

Topics include:

  • Creating design elements that draw customers in and encourage them to “cross the aisle”
  • Improving navigation, increasing dwell time, and encouraging upsell
  • Engaging with customers along the shopping journey

11:00-11:30 AM ET

Julie Craig

11:30 AM-1:45 PM ET
Master class: Walmart’s Store of the Future
Julie Craig, Vice President, Shopper Insights
Karen Kelso, Vice President, Mass and Club

Walmart will be investing upward of USD1 billion to build new stores and renovate existing ones. What are Walmart’s objectives for these new store formats? What can we expect to see? And how will they potentially change customers’ shopping experiences and preferences? Take a walk with us IRL as we dig deeper into Walmart’s new store design.

Topics include:

  • An overview of Walmart’s design objectives and financial goals
  • A walk through these new store layouts with photos and videos
  • Implications for suppliers’ brands and in-store marketing opportunities
Karen Kelso

1:45:2:00 PM CT
Day 2 wrap-up
Karen Kelso, Vice President, Mass and Club


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Karen Kelso
Karen Kelso
Vice President, Mass and Club
Gina Logan
Gina Logan
Principal Analyst, Club
Mary Brett Whitfield
Mary Brett Whitfield
Senior Vice President, Shopper Insights
Ross Cloyd
Ross Cloyd
Director, Grocery
Rachel Dalton
Rachel Dalton
Head of Retail Insights, North America
Taylre Stumpf
Taylre Stumpf
Senior Analyst, Target
Julie Craig
Julie Craig
Vice President, Shopper Insights
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