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3 & 4 October 2023




After a challenging start to the year, Target will find three key forces pressing on its already-modest outlook: people demanding authenticity, brands fighting for priority at the shelf, and stakeholders mandating stronger growth and profitability. 


Target has no small task ahead in balancing these three forces necessary for its success. Join our team to understand how your brand can help Target make strides toward achieving this balance while driving long-term growth.

You’ll walk away from this event with insights into:

  • Target’s core strategies and which to prioritize to help your brand drive growth at retail today and tomorrow
  • The retailer’s growth opportunities in grocery and the competitors it will face as it seeks to gain share in the category
  • Target’s newest investments in growth through retail media and last-mile delivery, as well as its biggest challenges in stemming loss prevention
  • The Target guest when it comes to seeking value, buying groceries, and evaluating private brands

what to expect

Conference Agenda

12:30-12:40 PM CT
Welcome and Introduction

Doug Hermanson

12:40-1:10 PM CT
Target market: Macro challenges affecting Target
Doug Hermanson, Principal Economist

  • Understand the future path of inflation.
  • Learn how to navigate the recession risks facing Target.
  • Anticipate changes to Target’s guests in response to macro conditions.
Karen Kelso

1:10-1:55 PM CT
Full circle: Target’s core strategy examined
Karen Kelso, Vice President, Retail Insights

  • Revisit Target’s core priorities to explore how they’ve changed in today’s environment.
  • Focus on where Target (and suppliers) will need to lean in today and tomorrow to achieve growth.
  • Get early access to Kantar’s Target outlook and how you can capture your share of growth.

1:55-2:10 PM CT

Taylre Stumpf

2:10-2:40 PM CT
Digital round-up: Target’s latest omnichannel moves
Taylre Stumpf, Senior Analyst, Retail Insights

  • Explore Target’s latest investments in driving omnichannel efficiency and experience.
  • Learn how these investments will impact brands at the physical and digital shelf.
  • Find out how Target’s digital priorities will shape future growth.
Anna Brennan

2:40-3:10 PM CT
Roundel: Growing along with Target’s retail media ambitions
Anna Brennan, Senior Analyst, Retail Insights

  • Review the rapid rise of retail media networks.
  • Assess where Roundel fits in the landscape and its importance to Target’s growth.
  • Evaluate best-in-class uses of retail media and how to maximize your advertising strategy at Target.

3:10-3:25 PM CT

David Marcotte

3:25-4:10 PM CT
Circling the wagons: Brand implications for loss prevention
David Marcotte, Senior Vice President, Global Retail & Technology

  • Understand the challenges of loss prevention at retail beyond the shelf.
  • Explore the strategies retailers like Target employ to combat rising shrink.
  • Learn how these strategies affect both retailers and brands financially and at the shelf.
4:10-4:15 PM CT
Day 1 Wrap-up

12:30-12:35 PM CT
Welcome and introduction

MaryBrett Whitfield

12:35-1:20 PM CT
The guest list: What’s most important to Target’s best shoppers
Mary Brett Whitfield, SVP, Head of Shopper Insights

  • Understand the core values of the Target shopper and how they’re changing.
  • Discover how the Target shopper seeks value in the shopping experience and the role of private label.
  • Take a closer look at Target grocery shoppers as Target makes big moves to win share in the space.


Karen Kelso

1:20-2:10 PM CT
Grocery round-up: Target’s market position and competitive strategies
Karen Kelso, VP, Retail Insights
Taylre Stumpf, Senior Analyst, Retail Insights
Chris Miles, Senior Analyst, Retail Insights

  • Understand Target’s approach to winning in grocery and its current place in the market.
  • Explore the key strategies of Target’s biggest grocery competitors.
  • Uncover how competitive knowledge can help you help Target drive category growth.

2:10-2:30 PM CT


2:30-3:00 PM CT
Growing with Target’s Food & Beverage business
Amy Spiridakis, VP, Strategy & Operations for Target Food & Beverage


3:00-3:30 PM CT
Target’s seasonal merchandise strategy evolution: What’s next?
Taylre Stumpf, Senior Analyst, Retail Insights
Karen Kelso, VP, Retail Insights

  • Examine what makes Target’s seasonal activations so effective.
  • Discover the role of national brands in the context of seasonal solutions.
  • Explore where Target will take its seasonal activations next and how you can capture your share of growth.

3:30-3:45 PM CT
Day 2 wrap-up

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Karen Kelso
Karen Kelso
Vice President, Retail Insights
Taylre Stumpf
Taylre Stumpf
Senior Analyst, Retail Insights
Anna Brennan
Anna Brennan
Senior Analyst, Retail Insights
David Marcotte
David Marcotte
Senior Vice President, Global Retail & Technology
MaryBrett Whitfield
MaryBrett Whitfield
SVP, Head of Shopper Insights
Ross Cloyd
Ross Cloyd
Director, Retail Insights
Doug Hermanson
Doug Hermanson
Principal Economist
Amy Spiridakis
Amy Spiridakis
VP, Strategy & Operations for Target Food & Beverage
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