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26 & 27 April 2023




The last three years for the grocery channel have been challenging and filled with unexpected events. With macro uncertainty hovering over 2023, Kantar will examine Kroger and how the retailer is preparing for a downturn and building a strategy for growth in its 2023 fiscal year. Our subject-matter experts will examine Kroger’s growth plans and potential challenges and what they mean for you. 

Insights you’ll gain from this event include: 

  • A fresh look at Kroger’s strategic priorities, including implications of the retailer’s proposed merger with Albertsons 
  • A clear picture of Kroger’s challenges, from traditional rivals and emerging disrupters to macroeconomic impacts 
  • An updated perspective on Kroger shoppers’ evolving sentiment and shopping behaviors 
  • A breakdown of the physical and digital shelf as Kroger continues to drive omni shopper engagement 

what to expect

Conference Agenda

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1:00-1:10 PM ET 
Welcome and introduction 
Ross Cloyd, Director, Retail Insights 


Simon Johnstone

1:10-1:40 PM ET 
Kroger-Albertsons merger: What to expect in 2023 and beyond 
Ross Cloyd, Director, Retail Insights 
Simon Johnstone, Senior Director, Retail Insights

  • Gain insight into Kroger’s fiscal 2023 performance and key strategic initiatives. 
  • Get a comprehensive breakdown of the proposed Kroger-Albertsons merger. 
  • Analyze the impact of the merger and the implications on grocery and other channels. 
Doug Hermanson

1:40-2:10 PM ET 
Kroger’s macro challenges 
Doug Hermanson, Principal Economist, Retail Insights  

  • Identify the new macro realities shoppers face in 2023. 
  • Gain insight into the potential for a recession. 
  • Understand how shoppers are expected to respond to these macro conditions. 
2:10-2:25 PM ET 
MaryBrett Whitfield

2:25-3:05 PM ET 
Kroger shoppers today: Managing in challenging times 
Mary Brett Whitfield, Senior Vice President, Shopper Insights 

  • Explore the profile of the Kroger shopper base. 
  • Understand how Kroger shoppers’ priorities and preferences are evolving. 
  • Learn how Kroger shoppers are adjusting their routines in response to higher prices and ongoing disruption. 
Chris Miles

3:05-3:40 PM ET 
Redefining Kroger’s competitive landscape 
Chris Miles, Analyst, Retail Insights 

  • Survey the broader trends impacting grocers in 2023 and beyond. 
  • Explore how grocers are working to deepen their omnichannel engagement with shoppers. 
  • Discuss the strategies grocers are leveraging to increase profitability and efficiency. 
Ross Cloyd

3:40-4:30 PM ET 
Kroger’s evolving flywheel: Foundation for strategic focus in 2023 
Ross Cloyd, Director, Retail Insights 

  • Explore Kroger’s flywheel and the retailer’s strategic growth initiatives for 2023. 
  • Understand how Kroger plans to incorporate health and wellness into its “lead with fresh” and “accelerate with digital” strategy. 
  • Break down Kroger competitive moats in a highly competitive retail landscape. 
Ross Cloyd
1:00-1:05 PM ET 
Welcome and introduction 
Ross Cloyd, Director, Retail Insights 
Ross Cloyd

1:05-1:35 PM ET 
Kroger’s key categories for growth 
Ross Cloyd, Director, Retail Insights

  • Get a deep overview into key categories for Kroger. 
  • Discover the main trends impacting Kroger’s category decisions. 
  • Identify category and growth opportunities for Kroger and your brand. 
Simon Johnstone

1:35-2:10 PM ET 
The growing importance of Kroger’s brick-and-mortar strategy 
Simon Johnstone, Senior Director, Retail Insights 

  • Learn how Kroger is building growth using its brick-and-mortar footprint. 
  • Review key category trends to focus on in the ever-changing retail landscape. 
  • Analyze the role of brick-and-mortar stores in establishing new services beyond traditional grocery. 
Ross Cloyd

2:10-2:55 PM ET 
Unlocking value from Kroger’s physical shelf 
Ross Cloyd, Director, Retail Insights

  • Examine the business model fueling Kroger’s longer-term stability. 
  • Understand Kroger’s evolving strategies in store and how to shape your plans accordingly. 
  • Find out why you should rethink the physical shelf and focus on category fundamentals and shelf principles.
2:55-3:15 PM ET 
Nishant Shrikhande

3:15-3:55 PM ET 
Understanding Kroger’s digital road map 
Nishant Shrikhande, Senior Analyst, Retail Insights 
Chris Miles, Analyst, Retail Insights

  • Understand Kroger’s strategic priorities for accelerating with digital. 
  • Map out Kroger’s progress with and the future direction of its Ocado customer fulfillment centers. 
  • Examine the role digital plays in Kroger’s profitability goals. 
Ross Cloyd

3:55-4:30 PM ET 
Partnering with Kroger in 2023 
Ross Cloyd, Director, Retail Insights  

  • Lay the foundation for a successful partnership with Kroger. 
  • Size up the headwinds and tailwinds Kroger faces in 2023. 
  • Get the event’s top takeaways for forging a strong relationship with Kroger. 
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Ross Cloyd
Ross Cloyd
Director, Retail Insights
Simon Johnstone
Simon Johnstone
Senior Director, Retail Insights
Doug Hermanson
Doug Hermanson
Principal Economist, Retail Insights
Mary Brett Whitfield
Mary Brett Whitfield
Senior Vice President, Shopper Insights
Chris Miles
Chris Miles
Analyst, Retail Insights
Nishant Shrikhande
Nishant Shrikhande
Senior Analyst, Retail Insights
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