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3 March 2022


Virtual Event

This event covers the latest advancements from last-mile delivery providers, spotlights shopper trends in last-mile delivery, and takes a deep dive into last mile in the drug and grocery channels.

As digital commerce evolves, last-mile delivery is a pivotal part of the fulfillment process for many brands and retailers. Join us as we dive into the latest insights about the expansion of last-mile delivery and how retailers across channels (e.g,. drug, grocery) are leveraging these platforms to meet shopper expectations and transform their online business. Our subject-matter experts will help you understand the role of last mile for your business, shaping your 2022 fulfillment strategy.

Insights and skills you’ll gain from this event:

  • A detailed understanding of the evolving last-mile delivery landscape and how you should leverage it as part of your omnicommerce strategy
  • The latest in shopper behavior and engagement with last-mile delivery
  • How key channels and major retailers leverage last-mile delivery
  • How emerging and third-party players and technology advancements are changing delivery fulfillment capabilities and profitability

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what to expect

Conference Agenda

Celia VanWickel

1:00-1:30 PM
The latest in last-mile delivery
Celia Van Wickel, Senior Director, Digital Commerce, Kantar

  • Review major advancements in last-mile delivery in 2021.
  • Learn about major players and new entrants in the product fulfillment space.
  • Identify emerging trends and the big takeaways for retailers and suppliers.

1:30-2:00 PM
The role of fulfillment options in shaping shopping routines
Mary Brett Whitfield, SVP, Head of Shopper Insights, Kantar

  • Learn how shoppers are using fulfillment options at key mass, supermarket, drug, and category specialist retailers
  • Discover the role fulfillment options played in holiday shopping
  • Explore how fulfilment membership programs could influence grocery shopping decisions


Nishant Shrikhande

2:00-2:30 PM
Strategies for Success with Instacart, Door Dash, and Go Puff
Nishant Shrikhande, Senior Analyst, Digital Commerce, Kantar

  • Understand the unique offer of each of these major players.
  • Gain insight into the data each player provides to brands.
  • Develop a clearer sense of where you should place your assortment and media spend among last-mile providers.
2:30-2:45 PM
Alexa Bowman

2:45-3:15 PM
Increasing delivery demand in the drug channel
Alexa Bowman, Lead Analyst, Drug Channel, Kantar

  • Review how last-mile delivery has penetrated the drug channel.
  • Explore subscription retail services within health and beauty.
  • Understand how medical ecommerce platforms will aid drugstores in becoming healthcare destinations.

3:15-3:55 PM
Delivering next-generation online grocery fulfillment experiences
Pamela Goodfellow, Director, Retail Insights, Kantar
Dustin Speer, Analyst, Grocery Insights, Kantar

  • Get up to speed on online grocery fulfillment preferences from the shopper view.
  • Examine advancements that key grocery players have made in first-party online order fulfillment.
  • Take a closer look at the evolving roles of last-mile delivery players in grocery, including Instacart.
Celia VanWickel

3:55-4:25 PM
Navigating opportunities in last-mile delivery
Celia Van Wickel, Senior Director, Digital Commerce, Kantar

  • Understand opportunities to capitalize on emerging last-mile trends.
  • Review how the shift toward speedy convenience and profitability challenges in last-mile delivery are influencing new brand and retailer opportunities.
  • Evaluate last-mile test-and-learn opportunities to prepare for 2022 and beyond.
Celia VanWickel

4:25-4:30 PM
Celia Van Wickel, Senior Director, Digital Commerce, Kantar

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Celia Van Wickel
Celia Van Wickel
Senior Director, Digital Commerce, Kantar
MaryBrett Whitfield
MaryBrett Whitfield
SVP, Head of Shopper Insights, Kantar
Nishant Shrikhande
Nishant Shrikhande
Senior Analyst, Digital Commerce, Kantar
Alexa Bowman
Alexa Bowman
Lead Analyst, Drug Channel, Kantar
Pam Goodfellow
Pam Goodfellow
Director, Retail Insights, Kantar
Dustin Speer
Dustin Speer
Analyst, Grocery Insights, Kantar
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