Walmart & Sam's Club Virtual Event 

Managing your Walmart business in a rapidly changing world  


28-29 June 2022




The world is grappling with the impacts of continued restrictions due to COVID-19 and the Russia-Ukraine war. A tight labor market, global inflation, supply chain shortages, and rising energy costs are having a large-scale impact on US shoppers and retailers.  

How is Walmart likely to respond? What will manufacturers and their partners need to know to prepare for massive change from the usual ways of doing business?  

At Kantar’s Walmart and Sam’s Club Workshop, our subject-matter experts will help you understand how rapid disruptions in the retail landscape will challenge your business in unexpected ways and how to mitigate those risks. 

Insights and skills you’ll gain from the event:

  • A strong grasp of macroeconomic, shopper, and retail trends to help you plan for a changing shopper and retail landscape 
  • An understanding of how inflation is changing shoppers’ priorities, challenging Walmart’s growth strategy, and potentially impacting your business 
  • A better picture of how omnichannel retail is evolving into faster and more local delivery options 

Important Update

The Kantar team has been closely monitoring the situation surrounding COVID-19 in North America. To ensure the safety and well-being of all involved, we’ve made the decision to convert this event from an in-person engagement to a virtually accessible event. While we are disappointed that we will not be together in-person, we are excited to stream industry-leading insights directly to your home, office, or mobile-device.  Don't hesitate to reach out to for more information. 

what to expect

Conference Agenda

9:00 - 9:10 AM CT
Welcome and introduction

Karen Kelso

9:10 - 9:40 AM CT
Walmart’s five things that matter in today’s changing world
Karen Kelso, VP, Retail Insights 
Walmart is focused on becoming a world-class omnichannel retailer and significantly changing its role in the industry. This session will cover:  

  • The expanded role of services at Walmart 
  • The shared omnichannel focus between stores and online 
  • The role of suppliers in Walmart’s ecosystem  
Karen Kelso

9:40 - 11:00 AM CT
The state of the world and Walmart: War, logistics and supply chain

Karen Kelso, VP, Retail Insights 
Walmart turned in the best results ever in its most recent fiscal year. However, global events are creating significant challenges. We discuss the implications for Walmart and the supplier community, including: 

  • How external events are putting pressure on Walmart’s competitive position  
  • Product availability and how to mitigate out-of-stocks  
  • Tips for building the best possible relationship with Walmart in uncertain times 
11:00 - 11:15 AM CT

11:15 AM - 12:00 PM CT
Reviewing Walmart shoppers: Who they are and what they want
Mary Brett Whitfield, SVP, Head of Shopper Insights 
Walmart shoppers have adapted to a post-COVID retail environment. Get the latest on Walmart shoppers, including: 

  • Changes in their shopping patterns and priorities 
  • How shopper expectations have changed 
  • The factors influencing shoppers’ retailer of preference 
12:00 - 12:30 PM CT
Kate Hohenstatt

12:30 - 1:15 PM CT
Walmart’s strategy: Reviewing the Walmart ecosystem
Kate Hohenstatt, Senior Analyst 

 The flywheel is the core of Walmart CEO Doug McMillon’s plans to ensure Walmart is the primary destination for shoppers and members. Explore the opportunities the flywheel presents and how different components can impact suppliers. This session examines:  

  • The role and purpose of the flywheel elements 
  • Walmart services and how to partner with the retailer to best serve shoppers and members 
  • How Walmart’s omnichannel vision and big bets will come to life 
Ross Cloyd

1:15 - 1:55 PM CT
Walmart’s supplier expectations
Ross Cloyd, Director, Retail Insights 

Partnering with Walmart delivers great rewards yet comes with unique challenges. We will discuss:

  • Walmart’s expectations of suppliers 
  • Managing the goals of Walmart’s OTIF (on time and in full) and SQEP (Supplier Quality Excellence Program) 
  • Prioritizing competing business objectives and distinguishing must-haves from nice-to-haves
1:55 - 2:05 PM CT
Karen Kelso

2:05 - 2:55 PM CT
The evolution of private label
Karen Kelso, VP, Retail Insights 
Mary Brett Whitfield, SVP, Head of Shopper Insights 

Private label will continue to expand as shoppers look for more cost-effective solutions and products. Topics include:

  • The role of private brands in Walmart shopping routines 
  • Best-in-class examples of private brands and the role they fulfill 
  • Predictions for how Walmart’s private label program will evolve 
Karen Kelso

2:55 - 3:00 PM CT
Day 1 Wrap-up
Karen Kelso, VP, Retail Insights 

9:00 - 9:10 AM CT
Welcome back and Day 1 Recap
Karen Kelso

9:15 - 10:10 AM CT
What key competitors are doing to challenge Walmart
Karen Kelso, VP, Retail Insights 
Retail has become more challenging and complicated in the two years since the pandemic began, and competition for shoppers is fierce. In this section we’ll cover:

  • Performance highlights of Walmart’s key competitors 
  • Elements of exceptional business performance 
  • Case studies in “what good looks like” 
Ross Cloyd

10:10 - 11:05 AM CT
Walmart’s omni fulfillment and last-mile delivery services
Ross Cloyd, Director, Retail Insights  
Walmart is leveraging its reach and distribution to deliver products to shoppers in new ways. Topics include: 

  • Omnichannel objectives and tactics 
  • Integrating services with product 
  • Opportunities to integrate with Marketplace 
Karen Kelso

11:05 AM - 12:00 PM CT
Implications of focusing on membership and loyalty
Karen Kelso, VP, Retail Insights 
The next battleground for growth will be acquiring and maintaining customer loyalty. We will discuss: 

  • Components of successful loyalty programs 
  • Walmart’s membership goals 
  • Collaboration opportunities in becoming brand of preference 
12:00 - 12:30 PM CT
Mary Brett Whitfield

12:30 - 1:00 PM CT
Predictions for Walmart shoppers and what loyalty looks like
Mary Brett Whitfield, SVP, Head of Shopper Insights 
Shopper loyalty is the goal of every business and the key to loyalty is understanding shoppers. Topics include: 

  • Factors affecting shoppers’ retailer(s) of choice 
  • Drivers of shopper loyalty 
  • Components of a successful loyalty program 
Kate Hohenstatt

1:00 - 1:45 PM CT
Sam’s Club’s path forward
Kate Hohenstatt, Senior Analyst 

Sam’s Club’s strong financial performance in FY 2022 positions the business to have another great year. Topics include: 

  • Sam’s Club current and future growth drivers 
  • Understanding and aligning with Sam’s members 
  • What is and isn’t working among warehouse club competitors 
1:45 - 1:55 PM CT
Karen Kelso

1:55 - 2:55 PM CT
Walmart key takeaways
Karen Kelso, VP, Retail Insights 
Walmart’s strategy and focus have shifted away from in-store retail and toward providing services. Topics include: 

  • Understanding Walmart’s areas of change and what those changes mean for your business 
  • Deciphering and prioritizing Walmart’s expectations 
  • Laying the foundation for a successful Walmart partnership 
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Karen Kelso
Karen Kelso
VP, Retail Insights
Mary Brett Whitfield
Mary Brett Whitfield
SVP, Head of Shopper Insights
Kate Hohenstatt
Kate Hohenstatt
Senior Analyst
Ross Cloyd
Ross Cloyd
Director, Retail Insights
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