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Insights. Tools. Best practices. 1,000+ retailers globally. We’re fueling your retail priorities today so you can build successful plans for the future. 

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In an ever-changing retail landscape, the smartest place to be is ahead of the curve. Unlock enterprise access to tools, insights, and expertise to arm you with forward-thinking plans, strategies, and advice. So you’re not just prepared for what’s next in retail — you have the power to change it.

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Data lives at the heart of our research. Our forecasts are noted for their historic performance, empowering you to do more. Identify opportunities. Optimize with confidence. Take your business further with data tools at your fingertips.

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On-site workshops. Applied research. Expert advising. We’re bringing the experience, perspectives, and coaching to help you strategize, plan, execute, and succeed. Answering critical business questions and co-creating practical action plans. We’re your partners in turning your goals into retail reality.


We’re here to empower you. Boost your business. And take you further. Fueled by curiosity and rooted
in research, we bring the tools, trends, and expertise that arm you to do more.

Enterprise solutions

Dare to go further. With tailored subscription packages, you can unlock access to powerful articles, insights, tools, and opportunities. Everything you need to shape the future of retail will be at your fingertips.

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Inspiring engagements

Best-in-class events. Industry experts. Insights turned experience. Join the curious and thought leaders alike at our next event, webinar, ShareGroup, or Advisory & Education program. Uncover more to open the door to greater possibilities.

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Trusted advisory

Education and internal alignment. Ongoing advisory support. Strategy refinement. Supplying everything you need to answer business questions and build measurable action plans. Collaborate with experts. Apply data, insights, predictive tools. And elevate your business.

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Thought Leadership

The state of ecommerce 2021

A landmark study identifying key shopper, brand, and retailer trends to provide a holistic view of the rapidly evolving ecommerce and retail media landscape.

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Breakthrough Insights 2021

Leverage our most impactful insights from 2021 to move from near-term executional scenarios to more forward-looking planning frameworks.

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Top 50 global retailers

Who is winning the retail race amidst the COVID-19 crisis? Kantar’s retail forecasts reveal the updated top 50 global retailers.

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With tailored subscription packages, you can unlock access to powerful articles, insights, tools, and opportunities. Learn More