European Digital Commerce Conference 2021



18-19 May 2021


Virtual Event

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Kantar’s Digital Commerce Conference – now in its 10th year – brings together the best of Kantar thinking and client experience. The theme this year is on taking charge of your digital future so you can future-proof your brand growth through digital commerce.

Running over the course of 2 days and 4 sessions, this conference has been designed as a festival of timely insights, case studies, and practical advice that will show European brand leaders how to leverage their sales, eCommerce, marketing and media capabilities to take control of their own digital futures. 

Hosted on the same great interactive virtual campus as last year's event, and covering the consumer, shopper and retail outlooks for 2021-2025 (as well as including for the first time, a session entirely devoted to helping you navigate the 3 levels of Data-driven Marketing), you really cannot afford to miss what promises to be our most pivotal conference yet. 

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Highlights from this year’s agenda include  

  • Kantar’s Market Insights team shares a deep-dive into the 2021-2025 digital dynamics that will fundamentally impact your marketing, sales and supply chain strategies – from AI to blockchain, from going direct to getting social
  • Kantar’s Growthfinder team shows how brands can leverage digital commerce to unlock new growth opportunities – translating a demand landscape into channel-specific activation plans
  • Kantar’s Analytics team shares their view on how end-to-end marketing is evolving to create exciting, new and different demands and opportunities to gain visibility and consideration among different consumer cohorts
  • Kantar’s Worldpanel team shares their view on the channel and shopper behaviours in the UK and across the EU from the last 12 months that look set to shape the 2021 planning agenda
  • Kantar’s Consulting team demystifies the future of omnichannel – Fresh analyses with clear implications for 2021-22 action plans + 2023-25 strategic planning
  • Kantar’s US eCom Team alongside Stackline shares how brands are changing the way they work with Amazon to be more effective and efficient in their brand development across its platforms
  • Keynote speakers from our broad and wonderful client community sharing their best practice case studies on how they are leveraging digital commerce to reach new audiences and drive repeat purchase for their leading brands


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Who should attend?

Everyone, who has an ecommerce or digital commerce KPI. Plus, our 2021 conference will dive deep into data-driven marketing and creative strategies, so it’s more appropriate than ever for you to bring your brand and marketing colleagues along. This event is perfect for:  

  • Chief Marketing Officers, Chief Digital Offers
  • Heads of eCommerce and Digital Marketing
  • Sales and Commercial Directors
  • Global, Europe and Country customer leads
  • Insight Managers
  • Key Account Managers
  • Channel Development Managers
  • Marketing & Brand Managers
  • Shopper Marketers
  • Experience Managers - CX, UX
  • Digital Specialists - SEO, Onsite media

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Conference Agenda

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10:00 - 14:30 CET: Focus on Digital

Section 1: Take Control of your Digital Future


S1.1 Setting the scene: The world just pivoted + Winning the digital reset 

The world just pivoted permanently to consumers buying and selling more online and every brand is scrambling to respond.  The key is a leadership mindset that is less focused on recovery and more on winning the reset.  This requires a wide-angle view of new digital ecosystems and sophisticated route-to-consumer capabilities. Over the next two days we'll explore these developmentshelp you to right-size your plans, and take control of your digital future. 

S1.2 Growthfinder: Mapping the trajectory of your brand’s unique growth opportunity 

Demand landscapes and needs-based segmentations have been around for ages but translating them into channel plans and targeted activations has proven problematic. Learn how brands are increasingly able to leverage the ecosystems of their eRetail partners and digital platforms to unlock previously difficult to reach demand hotspots and deliver genuinely incremental growth in a fragmenting landscape. Rounding out the session will be a case study on Reckitt Benckiser’s approach to finding growth in the current reality.

S1.3 Where to start: The new digital transformation checklist 

Winning the post-lockdown reset – with its new digitally-enabled routes to consumer – will require new expertise, tools and capabilities. But where do you start, and which digital enablers are most relevant?  Here, we will share with you a critical checklist of factorsDiscover how to: Harness artificial intelligence • Utilize blockchain • Rethink marketplaces • Go direct • Get social • Re-imagine mobile. 

S1.4 The Courage to Grow: Leaning into the Marketplace

Growth is rarely hostage to the marketplace. Far more often than not, the impediments to growth sit within a company not in the marketplace. Even the biggest growth opportunities are out of reach if a company lacks the structure, skills and competencies that it takes to grow. In this presentation drawing upon Kantar's wealth of experience and research, J. Walker Smith, Consulting Knowledge Lead, will share 10 proven steps across 5 critical imperatives that will build and sustain growth for every company in every kind of market.



Section 2: Influencing the Connected Shopper + the 3 Levels of End-to-End Marketing 


S2.1 Setting the Scene: Take control of your end-to-end marketing strategy 

End to end marketing is about to move from aspirational to the new minimum standard for influencing and converting along the consumer journey.  In this session, we share and expand on a 3-level framework for how you can view and enhance your own end-to-end marketing strategy. 

S2.2 End-to-end marketing and a single view of the data (level 1) 

Top brands are beginning to supercharge their data-driven marketing capabilities and reap the rewards. In this session, our Kantar Analytics team looks at the most up-to-date definition of end-to-end marketing and what it entails - demystifying what it means to have a single view of data and the capabilities needed to get there. 

S2.3 Data-driven media strategies for winning in a post-cookie world (level 2) 

The all-powerful cookie has started to crumble, and as a result digital advertising will look very different in 2022. In this look at level 2, we will unpack what this and other developments in on-site media mean for your digital media strategy and examine the bigger role that data can play in defining opportunities for brand growth. 



Topic tables - Meet the speakers and 1-2-1s


S2.4 Implementing a winning data-driven creative strategy (level 3) 

How can you leverage data to create a category platform with the optimal messaging, brand imagery and creative assets to drive new consumer engagement? In level 3, discover how our Mavens team worked with Philips to create a one-stop resource for men’s grooming and worked with Unilever to create Cleanipedia as a destination site for category development.

Day one wrap-up and next steps 

Review and consolidate your Digital learnings to outline an overarching framework and action plan. 

10:00 - 15:00 CET: Focus on Commerce

Section 3: Create a winning Omnichannel Strategy


S3.1 Setting the scene: Have you internalised the lessons from 2020 and are you clear on what are the durable implications for your 2021-25 channel and customer planning? 

In this session, we are bringing the best perspectives across Kantar to help you check your answers to the above questions. How much will the changes that took place in 2020 influence the outlook for you and your categories in 2021? Where should you be placing your bets to drive growth? Learn what the winners are doing and get the confidence in the insights you need to drive your own plans. 

S3.2 What shoppers want: What a difference a year makes 

Using our extensive experience working with top brands and tapping into the latest Kantar Worldpanel Plus data, Kantar experts will chart the seismic shift in the retail landscape across both physical and digital channels over the past 12 months – blowing apart lazy assumptions about the surge to digital and sharing the patterns of shopping that are likely to endure. 

S3.3 The store is dead, long live the (Omni) store 

After 2020, we are all Omni-shoppers now. It is not online vs offline, it is online AND offline.    This means that the role the physical store will play in the future is still a meaningful one but will be different.  Many are reinventing themselves as digital-physical hubs, or as beacons of digital-enabled commerce. Our Kantar experts take a deep dive into omnichannel and "bricks & clicks" retailing through a thorough exploration of how key European retailers including Tesco, Carrefour, Asda, etc are leading this reinvention of the role of the physical store. 

S3.4 Winning in omnichannel is like a spaghetti western  

2020 saw those who had their digital capabilities in good working order come out ahead. Barilla is one of those companies that was a net winner in the shift to digital channels exactly because of the fundamentals it had put in place beforehand. Hear from Guy Keeling, global eCommerce director for Barilla, as he goes through the good, the bad and the ugly of how you build and grow your eCommerce business for long-term success. 

S3.5 The future of omnichannel - Lessons from China

Brands and retailers often look to China to get a sense of what is next for omnichannel. In this session we will deep dive into the very latest O2O (online to offline) trends and innovation happening in in China to not only help you win in this market but to inspire your omnichannel strategy in Europe as well. We will draw on our comprehensive in-depth study looking at O2O winning strategies across channel development, portfolio strategy, marketing strategy to organization and KPIs.

S3.6 GMI's Goldilocks journey to new channels

General Mills is known for its portfolio of favourite brands including Old El Paso and Häagen-Dazs. In 2020 the unprecedented demand for comfort food combined with the rise of omnichannel led to multiple experiments that required new ways of working for their digital team. Hear from Omnichannel Insights Manager Kelly Kees what GMI has learned from those too small, or too big experiments in the last year and how to land on ‘just-right’ activations that balance value and the inevitable complexity of omnichannel within a traditional global manufacturer.

S3.7 Panel: The challenge of meeting the new omnichannel expectations of shoppers 

Omnichannel is about getting what you want, when you want it, where you want it. Fulfilment (and last-mile delivery solutions) have evolved rapidly during the pandemic to meet this demandThis is your chance to ask your questions of a select panel of experts as to how this space will continue to innovate and develop over the next 1-5 years, and what you need to do to organize, partner and plan for success. 



Section 4: The Future is Here: Amazon Points the Way


S4.1 Setting the scene: Amazon points the way 

As one of the main beneficiaries of the surge to digital channels in 2020, Amazon continues to point the way in terms of a winning formula for driving online sales – but how do you engage with them to ensure your own brand agenda doesn’t get lost in the process?  In this timely session, we will look at the critical factors and strategies for brands to win with Amazon, as well as how to apply those learnings as you diversify content and strategies to other platforms and sub-channels. 

S4.2 Amazon: Fireside Chat

S4.3 The strategies and capabilities you need to win on Amazon (and everywhere else) 

Winning with Amazon requires 2 things: a multi-disciplinary skill-set, and the ability to keep pace with the platform(s). In this practical session learn how Amazon is pointing the way in terms of best practice for pureplay, marketplace, data-driven marketing and fulfilment models. 

S4.4 Leverage your eCommerce data and analytics to be more competitive 

What does it take to compete effectively on Amazon? Whether its maximizing your ad spend, acquiring new customers or expanding existing customers into new categories, Stackline's CEO Michael Lagoni will look at how brands can translate data into ROI. 



Topic tables - Meet the speakers and 1-2-1s


S4.5 Panel: Winning with Amazon 

This round-up of our afternoon Amazon session will highlight common themes for brands and identify those areas you need to focus on to win with Amazon. This is your chance to ask questions of a select panel of experts as to how Amazon will continue to innovate and develop over the next 1-3 years, and what you need to do to organize, partner and plan for success. 

Day two wrap-up and next steps 

Review and consolidate your Commerce learnings to outline an overarching framework and action plan. 


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  • Part 4 - The Future is Here: Amazon Points the Way


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Kantar Speakers

We’re here to amplify your potential. Bringing exceptional experience across industries and organizations. Delivering a deep understanding of retailers and shoppers. We’ll help you meet and exceed your goals.

Owen McCabe
Jane B square
Jane Bloomfield
Chief Growth Officer
fraser mckevitt round
Fraser McKevitt
Head of Retail and Consumer Insight
LouCoupe square
Louise Coupe
Director Strategic Consulting
Daniel SingerPhoto2
Daniel Singer
Managing Director, Analytics Division
Derya Guvenc
Associate Director Retail Insights
Rachel Dalton
Rachel Dalton
Director, eCommerce & Omnichannel
Malcolm square 300
Malcolm Pinkerton
Vice President Retail Insights
J. Walker Smith
Chief Knowledge Officer
Claudia square
Claudia O'Shea
Head of Content, Analytics
Susie Zeng
Susie Zeng
Partner, Kantar Consulting China
Reid Greenberg
Reid Greenberg
Executive Vice President
Jules Young
Jules Young
Director, Client Partner, Insights
Ioli Macridi square
Ioli Macridi
Senior Insights Consultant

Guest Speakers

guy keeling linked in-1
Guy Keeling
Global Head of eCommerce, Barilla
Michael Lagoni
Michael Lagoni
CEO, Stackline
Kelly Kees square
Kelly Kees
Omnichannel Insights Manager, General Mills
James Northway
James Northway
Global Head of Data, Wavemaker
Justin Honaman Square
Justin Honaman
Head Worldwide Business Development, Consumer Products, Amazon
Mariline square
Mariline Alsuar-Dean
Global Insights & Analytics Senior Manager, Sexual Well Being, Reckitt
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