Retail Insights Conference

What’s next for retail? Moving forward while still managing the pandemic 



8-9 December 2021


Virtual Event


After another tumultuous year in retail, where do we go from here? While we aren’t out of the woods yet when it comes to the COVID-19 pandemic, we must still look forward since neither shopper expectations nor retailer operations stop evolving. Now is the time to take the disruption of the past and turn it into action that sets your company up for success. 

Turning insights into action:

  • Examine the new reality of retail and learn how to adapt to it. 
  • Determine how the major trends shaping retail’s future impact your business. 
  • Understand how retail operations are evolving and learn how to optimize your interactions in the broader retail ecosystem. 
  • Learn what shoppers are thinking and feeling, including how they’re adapting their behaviors to the world around them. 


what to expect

Conference Agenda

Ted Riedel

10:00 - 10:10 AM ET
Welcome and setting the stage 
Ted Riedel, North America Retail Practice Leader 

Amar Singh

10:10 - 10:40 AM ET
Retail ecosystems to elevate engagement and growth
Amar Singh, Senior Director 

COVID-19 accelerated the adoption of online shopping and digital services, but the pandemic also fundamentally transformed vendor and shopper engagement models. New retail and supplier partnerships are enabling stronger ecosystems, shopper engagement, and lifestyle integration. 

  • Understand how retailer and vendor relationships are evolving. 
  • Learn the new rules of shopper engagement. 
  • Find out how retailers are capturing more of their shoppers’ share of life. 
Mary Brett Whitfield

10:40 - 11:10 AM ET
The changing architecture of shopper engagement
Mary Brett Whitfield, Senior Vice President 

In the past two years, shoppers have radically retooled their shopping patterns as a result of upheaval across multiple fronts. This retooling, coupled with shoppers having more power than ever before to personalize the shopping experience, will shape the future of shopping.

  • Discover how retailer choice and competitive sets have changed. 
  • Learn how the incorporation of fulfillment options into shopping routines has shifted and what to expect in the future. 
  • Explore the evolving role of digital tools on shopping behavior. 

11:10-11:25 AM ET | BREAK

Doug Hermanson

11:25 AM - Noon ET
The upside down: Finding opportunities in a distorted economy
Doug Hermanson, Principal Economist 

The retail economy has been turned upside down by the unprecedented response from businesses, banks, and the government to soften the blow from the pandemic. These actions will create distortions for retailers and suppliers for some time. 

  • Learn how to interpret macro trends in this upside-down economy. 
  • Find out how these trends will alter the retail landscape. 
  • Develop strategies to navigate the macro disruptions in 2022. 
Casey Ferrell

Noon - 12:30 PM ET
Kantar 2022 US MONITOR outlook: Ctrl + Alt + Delete 
Casey Ferrell, Senior Vice President 

Consumers are rebooting their lives by regaining control where they can, altering aspirations where they need to, and deleting baggage where they must.

  • Understand what’s motivating late-pandemic consumers and how theyll transition to a post-pandemic mindset. 
  • Find out where brands have a right to play in the consumer reboot of 2022. 
  • Learn how the Ctrl + Alt + Delete framework can make sense of disruption within your category. 

12:30 - 1:00 PM ET | Lunch and Topic Tables 

Pam Goodfellow

Online grocery 2.0: Playing to win
Pam Goodfellow, Director
Dustin Speer, Analyst, Grocery
With the pandemic rocketing online grocery from niche to mainstream shopper activity, many retailers spent 2020 shoring up (or launching) their online grocery capabilities. Now that the dust has somewhat settled, online grocery retailers are focused on the road ahead — playing to win in an increasingly crowded and competitive arena.

  • Glean updated shopper insights for the top online grocery retailers, including shopper passion and pain points.
  • Take a first look at the Publix and H-E-B online grocery experience through the shopper lens.
  • Get up to speed on new initiatives and innovations driving top online grocery retailers into 2022 and beyond.
Nishant Shrikhande

Eco-friendly: Aligning with retail’s evolving ecosystems 
Nishant Shrikhande, Senior Analyst 
Tiffany Hogan, Director 

Discover the dynamic world of retail ecosystems and understand how to effectively engage shoppers through multiple touchpoints. 

  • Explore the key components of retailer ecosystems and how they’re evolving. 
  • Identify best-in-class brand executions across different retailer touchpoints. 
  • Gain actionable insights for aligning your brand to key customer ecosystem strategies. 

1:30 - 1:35 PM ET | BREAK

Lauren Winkler

Category management in a post-COVID world
Lauren Winkler, Associate Vice President 

Based on feedback from a wide range of manufacturers and retailers, Kantar explores the future of category leadership in an omnicommerce world by probing the shifting balance of power in a post-COVID landscape.

  • Understand how category management has evolved to where it is today and where it’s headed next. 
  • Discuss opportunities for enhancing manufacturer-retailer collaboration. 
  • Explore case studies that strike the right balance between retailer and supplier priorities. 
Taylor Galland

Download on drop shipping 
Taylor Galland, Principal Analyst
Nishant Shrikhande, Senior Analyst

Drop shipping has become more popular in retail with the rise of ecommerce and the need to offer a wider assortment of products on online storefronts. To keep pace with these shifts in online retail, manufacturers will need to assess their strategies and consider whether this method of commerce is the right fit for their businesses.

  • Understand the growing role of drop shipping in retailer strategies. 
  • Analyze the ecosystem and identify growth opportunities. 
  • Learn best practices and strategies for partnering. 
2:05 - 2:15 PM ET | BREAK
Pam Goodfellow

A close-up look at the evolving food-at-home landscape
Pam Goodfellow, Director 

The pandemic drastically changed the allocation of food spending in the US, with shoppers spending more time working, playing — and cooking — at home. With macro realities continuing to impact shopper behavior in this space, now is the time to explore the food-at-home opportunity and how it’s evolving. 

  • Learn about shoppers’ changing attitudes and behaviors when it comes to cooking at home. 
  • Discuss how retailers are shifting to capitalize on the food-at-home momentum. 
  • Examine how food-away-from-home players are pivoting to lure back spending. 

PoweRanking® and go-to-market in our new normal
Patrick Fellin, Partner, Advisory Go-to-Market Consulting NA, Kantar  

Get an overview of retail leadership in 2021 as we get ready for 2022+. Kantar’s PoweRanking subject-matter expert reviews this year’s results and takes a looks at what we can expect as we head toward 2022 and even 2025. 

  • Review who’s leading the way in the trading relationship between retailers and manufacturers and why. 
  • Take a look at what’s most important to retailers and who delivered and overdelivered against those metrics. 
  • Learn what sets Walmart apart, who’s gaining on it in its retail peer group, and how this impacts your brand. 
3:05 - 3:15 PM ET | BREAK
Simon Johnstone

Income segmentation amid reverberating pandemic effects 
Doug Hermanson, Principal Economist 
Simon Johnstone, Director

As COVID’s effects reverberate into 2022 and beyond, retailers and suppliers must reassess what income really means to their shoppers and how to define shopper income segments.

  • Track the policy and industry changes that will permanently change consumer income trends. 
  • Understand the role that income plays beyond shoppers’ spending intentions and how government-assisted income streams are altering shopper routines. 
  • Discover how retailers and suppliers should cater to the short- and long-term needs of shoppers across the income spectrum. 
Amar Singh

Well-being and retail: Going beyond health and wellness 
Amar Singh, Senior Director 
Colleen Sharp, Senior Vice President, MONITOR Analytics

The markers and influence of well-being have expanded dramatically in the last decade, driven by marketplace trends that go beyond health and wellness and into many other parts of consumers’ lives. While showcasing how well-being impacts all sectors, we’ll dig into what it means at retail and how to address different consumer groups. 

  • Explore the critical drivers expanding the idea of well-being. 
  • Understand how different consumers are impacted based on their well-being priorities. 
  • Come away with a better understanding of how retail can bring more personal and empathetic well-being solutions to consumers. 
Ted Riedel
10:00 - 10:05 AM ET
Ted Riedel, North America Retail Practice Leader 
Rachel Dalton

10:05 - 10:45 AM ET
Omnicommerce success in the era of ‘me’ commerce
Rachel Dalton, Director, Ecommerce & Omnichannel Insights 

As omnicommerce rapidly evolves and competition intensifies, shoppers will be loyal to brands and retailers that connect with them on a personal level. 

  • Survey the new retail landscape and the rapid rise of digital technologies and new commerce platforms. 
  • Review how shoppers now expect retailers and suppliers to cater to a “me-first” mentality. 
  • Uncover omnicommerce trends and predictions. 
Lei Duran

10:45 - 11:15 AM ET
The cultural impact on corporate responsibility
Lei Duran, Senior Vice President

Shoppers are increasingly voting with their dollars by picking brands and retailers that align with their values. Discover how cultural forces play a central role in shaping the three core pillars of corporate responsibility: economic, environmental, and social.

  • Discover how shoppers are voting with their dollars and the differences by retailer. 
  • Get the lay of the land of retailers’ and brands’ strategic efforts. 
  • Learn to navigate the cultural compass so you can find the true north for activating your brand at retail. 
11:15 - 11:30 AM ET | BREAK
David Marcotte

11:30 AM - Noon ET
Sustainability renewed in retail
David Marcotte, Senior Vice President 

Sustainability is a key aspect of corporate responsibility that’s powering shoppers, suppliers, and retailers to make products and processes environmentally neutral. The current cultural expectations regarding sustainability need to be reflected in your communications and actions. 

  • Understand the key initiatives retailers and manufacturers are undertaking to be more sustainable. 
  • Discuss the impact of retailer sustainability programs and shopper expectations on your organization. 
  • Identify frameworks you can use to understand the level of impact and compliance required. 
Noon - 1:00 PM ET | Lunch and Topic Tables
Tiffany Hogan

The struggle is real (estate): Retail’s changing footprint
Tiffany Hogan, Director 

While shoppers may have moved online at record levels over the past year, the pandemic has also highlighted the value of physical stores. The big question now is where stores will be located, what purpose they’ll serve, and how retail real estate trends can help us divine their future.

  • Identify key macro and shopper forces driving retailers to rethink their store locations. 
  • Understand key competitive dynamics and retailer strategies that are fueling big moves today. 
  • Discover how retailer economics and real estate trends may provide insights into retailers’ next major moves. 
Mary Brett Whitfield

The shopper puzzle: Generations 
Mary Brett Whitfield, Senior Vice President 

Shoppers are diverging into increasingly complex cohorts and routines, propelled by a shift in values, evolving fulfillment touchpoints, and new shopping patterns ignited by COVID-19. Piece together the shopper puzzle from a generational perspective to plan for success. 

  • Explore and understand how generations are reacting and reforming routines more than a year into the pandemic. 
  • Learn how values fit into shoppers’ decision-making across ages. 
  • Fulfillment has been — and continues to be — a rapidly evolving ecosystem, primarily driven by shopper needs. Uncover where (and why) fulfillment is a key piece of the shopper puzzle. 
2:00 - 2:10 PM ET | BREAK
Taylor Galland

New retail financing: Cash, consolidation, and raising capital 
Taylor Galland, Principal Analyst 
David Marcotte, Senior Vice President 

As retailers shift the way they’re structured to meet new operational demands, the retail and CPG industries should monitor the short- and long-term implications of new cash flows, available capital, startups, and mergers and acquisitions.

  • Understand financial growth models for mature and growing retail and CPG companies. 
  • Consider how these new strategies impact broader business initiatives. 
  • Examine how relevant stakeholders are leveraging or could leverage the free cash accumulated during the pandemic. 
Simon Johnstone

Reapproaching household budgets in 2022 and beyond
Simon Johnstone, Director 

At a time when millions of people don’t get enough to eat, are behind on rent, and are being hit with the dollars-and-cents reality of higher inflation, retailers can be allies in helping shoppers manage their household budgets. This session examines how shoppers plan to manage their budgets over the short and long term and how different retailers and channels are repositioning themselves to help.

  • Align to the biggest differences in how shoppers are managing grocery budgets across the income spectrum. 
  • Get a clear picture of the threats and opportunities that are emerging due to changes in how retailers are helping shoppers manage basket spend and trip frequency. 
  • Evaluate the channels that are in the best position to help shoppers manage their household budgets over the short and long term. 
3:00 - 3:10 PM ET | BREAK
Rachel Dalton

Delivery wars: The final mile of commerce 
Rachel Dalton, Director, Ecommerce & Omnichannel Insights 
Lei Duran, Senior Vice President

Retailers are in an apparent arms race for speed to win shopper loyalty and share of spend. As the speed to shopper escalates and third-party entrants become behemoths, the next phase of commerce will surely be impacted by delivery winners and losers. 

  • Review the major players populating the landscape. 
  • Understand shopper attitudes and behaviors around delivery options. 
  • Look at the financial trade-offs of delivery innovation. 
Leigh O'Donnell

Shopping for children: How kids influence retailer and category choices 
Leigh O’Donnell, Head of Shopper Insights & Solutions, NA 
Colombe Bommelaer, Director 

How do parents choose retailers, categories, and omnichannel options when children/babies are in the household? Learn how parents research, navigate, and fulfill edibles, household essentials, and other critical purchases like toys in this look at the influences on shopping for kids.

  • How does the shopping journey, from research to purchase, differ by age group? 
  • Why do parents choose to shop online, select different fulfillment methods, and use subscriptions? 
  • Which categories are most impacted by childrens requests throughout the shopping trip? 
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Ted Riedel
Ted Riedel
North America Retail Practice Leader
Amar Singh
Amar Singh
Senior Director
Mary Brett Whitfield
Mary Brett Whitfield
Senior Vice President
Doug Hermanson
Doug Hermanson
Principal Economist
Casey Ferrell
Casey Ferrell
Senior Vice President
Lauren Winkler
Lauren Winkler
Associate Vice President
Pam Goodfellow
Simon Johnstone
Simon Johnstone
Nishant Shrikhande
Nishant Shrikhande
Senior Analyst
Tiffany Hogan
Tiffany Hogan
Taylor Galland
Taylor Galland
Senior Analyst
Patrick Fellin
Patrick Fellin
Partner, Advisory Go-to-Market Consulting NA, Kantar 
Colleen Sharp
Colleen Sharp
Senior Vice President, MONITOR Analytics
Rachel Dalton
Rachel Dalton
Director, Ecommerce & Omnichannel Insights
Lei Duran
Lei Duran
Senior Vice President
David Marcotte
David Marcotte
Senior Vice President
Leigh O'Donnell
Leigh O'Donnell
Head of Shopper Insights & Solutions, NA
Colombe Bommelaer
Colombe Bommelaer
Dustin Speer
Dustin Speer
Analyst, Grocery
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